Monday, 12 December 2011

Choosing your first plane....

As you have started practicing on the sim, You might want to start looking for a good plane either for a build or to buy a ready made one. Whatever you do, Your choice should be a high wing trainer or glider type aircraft with very simple and relax flying capabilities. Below are few links to suggest you some good planes to start with....

You can find it pretty confusing in choosing which package to go with: ARF, RTF, PNF or Kit.
You can learn about these packages in my previous post "Important Terminologies in RC Aeromodelling".

Bixler EPO 1400mm

Floater-Jet EPO

Piper Cub L4 "Grasshopper"

These three make great choice to start flying. Click the pictures to go to the online store and see their price and specification.

Note: Above three suggestions are for those people who do not want to configure every electronic part of aircraft themselves (However they will have to do a quick assembly which is easy) and just want to start flying for now. These aircraft includes Most of the electronic parts in their offered price.


If you want to get the idea of building an RC Aircraft and configure the power systems yourself. Check out the below suggestions:

 Kit: J3 Cub

Kit: J3 Cub

Kit: Bixler EPO

Remember: Those real life pilots also undergo a long long long training on a very basic trainer plane, They are not offered to fly the more advanced and beautiful jets on the first day of their training. Similarly, You shouldn't choose those advanced jets as your first RC aircraft. They are much expensive and difficult to fly plus they wouldn't forgive a single mistake. As soon as you learn the basic flying with a trainer type aircraft then only you should go for more advanced RC aircrafts.

Another option is to build an RC aircraft yourself. I will cover this topic in upcoming posts. Till then, Keep practicing on the sim and keep looking for the next posts.....