Thursday, 2 February 2012

Preparing to start building an RC Airplane.

Greetings Readers!!!

Building an RC Airplane is what I like the most in this hobby. Its great fun in building one and then flying it. Everybody can build an RC Airplane on his/her own. I will cover few important things in this post which you should have in knowledge before starting first time.

First of all, You must have free time before you start building. It can take either a day or even a month to finish building an RC Airplane, totally depending on your skills and "what you are building". Its not necessary to finish the whole plane at once. As I said before, you can build whenever you are free.

Second thing is...Building Material. You can use anything that is workable and what you are comfortable with. There is not any "Big Red Book" which says "Only use what others are using." :D Funny but true. However, Most commonly used building materials are Balsa, Foam, Corrugated Plastic Sheet. Even I know few people who are using Polycarbonate sheets in their builds. Refer to "Important Terminologies in RC Aeromodelling" to learn more about these materials.

On third, Tools. Without proper tools, You will just end up spending more time and energy in your builds. The tools that you will generally be using are Hobby Knife, A pair of sharp scissor, glue, tape, a glue gun, a set of different screw drivers, a marker, a pair of pliers, soldering iron, knife edge reamer etc. Its not guaranteed that you will find use of everything in your very first build, but they are worth having. You can also have a hand drill if you wish to. There are a lot other tools that are not mentioned above but I will keep updating. Below are few pictures showing these tools. Click on picture and it will get you to the details.

Hobby Knife

Soldering Iron (230V)

Knife Edge Reamer

Hand Drill

Fourth, Space. I think its self explanatory and doesn't need my words.

Fifth, a good plan. An RC Airplane plan is basically the scaled paper drawing of the plane. It guides us about the scale & dimensions of each and every part going to be cut out of building material.

In next post, we will be learning more about "Plans", "How to understand them" & "How to make one yourself".
So keep visiting and take care.