Saturday, 10 December 2011

How do I decide "If I am ready"...

When it comes to you to decide whatever you want, You should think about every aspect of life before stepping in to this hobby. What this kind of hobby basically demands is Money, Time and Dedication (Always remember these words). The word "Money" matters because this is the only thing that will keep you fed-up with your resources. RC Aeromodelling requires many resources to be available in your reach like Building material, Electronic parts, Measuring equipments and a wide space to build and repair your aeromodels or keep them once they are completed. Not only this, but you should also take this to considerations that "Would you be able to save some of  money out of your monthly income for your hobby". For just an idea, Estimated cost that a beginner has to have invested is $175 to $225. This much money will just get you started and you would have to invest more & more to continue further if you want to have a new RC aircraft. Note that I am using the word "Invest" because the money spent in the hobby like this worth's a lot fun further and further. Its not like buying movie tickets, enjoying movie once and forget it!!! Think about it like, Aren't you going to display your aircrafts in the drawing room or going to fly them every weekends? Yes, With good maintenance these machines live long. Please think about your financial budget carefully before stepping into this hobby but also don't forget, There are more things which should have our attention paid more prior than this hobby. I mean, "This is just a hobby, so deal it like a hobby".

"Time" is what people tell me as a reason for not having any hobby. And its true! Even I, myself have to manage my time for this hobby. I am an student and I have to keep up with the studies as well with this hobby. So, guys! think about it, take your time, and ask yourself "Would you be able to give this hobby enough time once in a week or whatever, even after spending a good sum of $$$...?" You can go flying in the weekends, but if you are into building or repairing your RC aircrafts, You will sure need extra time. Remember you can't make a day 25hrs long, Right??? If you can't decide it straight-off, Here is a simple activity that you can practice to get your answer. Try to save some time out of your regular working day (1 hour a day is enough to keep track with your hobby), do this for a week or two until you get the answer of a simple question.(Simple question means much !!!) "Do you have time?"

"Dedication" is the key word in a hobby like this. If you get bored of things very easily. Be sure that you would have to fight yourself in this one. Basically, a hobby like this needs "Patience". Think of what "Right Bros" did after repeating failures on their first flying machine, They were so dedicated to their work that they started again over and over and finally "Human beings got to see first ever Flying Machine in the world." This could happen with you as well. "History repeats itself again & again." All I wanted to point out is, You should also have the level of dedication and patience as the Right Bros had. They wanted to see their invention in air on its own, at all and so do you. After all this is a matter of flying related to aviation which is a knowledge which comes by experiences, no matter it be good or bad. So, prepare yourself to put the best of you in to your hobby with dedication, Be patient, experience this hobby, You will fly someday.